Become a yacht owner!

To become a yacht owner - many people think it is possible only in dreams. Really, wouldn't' it be nice to cruise the seas with your family or friends on own yacht, to visit beautiful bays, islands and picturesque places where you could explore the virgin nature or to find your "own" bay for rest, to forget all the daily problems and dedicate your time to your dearest?
Why weren't you been thinking how to become a yacht owner as yet? Because of high prices and maintenance costs? Because of the birth costs, insurance and other expenses? Or just because you have not sufficient experience to engage yourselves in such and investment?

Charter management program
Probably you suppose that owning a yacht does not bring only joy and happiness but also obligations, worries and costs.
If you do not buy a yacht exclusively for own pleasure, but you look at it as an investment, then we suggest to you our Charter Management Program.
With our Charter Management Program you not only retain the value of invested capital, but you increase it, without much troubles, commitments and unnecessary risk, while the current costs, such as the berth cost in marina, maintenance, insurance etc are being covered from charter profit.
The invested capital will be returned to you, depending on the type and size of the yacht, within 5-6 years. In our program, we also take care about the weeks the owner wants to spend on the yacht. Besides the three weeks in full season, you have unlimited possibility to use your yacht off-season.
Due to exceptionally good yacht maintenance in our fleet, our charter management program is not limited by time. The oldest yacht in our fleet has been sailing for 11 seasons; it is in perfect shape and well rented.

RR Nautika - your real partner
RR Nautika has long-term business cooperation and excellent experience with the world leading yacht manufacturers - BENETEAU. Besides, recently we have been cooperating very well with another two shipyards - JEANNEAU and BAVARIA. Our fleet consists of sailing boats of 8-16 m length, maintained according to the highest technical standard, which guarantees the long life and good shape even after their most intensive use. Besides the regular maintenance in the course of the year, our experts prepare each yacht, in the thorough service, for the next season.

Ports of sail

Our permanent bases are:
* the existing one in Marina Veruda in Pula, functioning since 1996 and, from the next season we plan to establish
* from 2002 a new base in Central Adriatic (region between Šibenik and Split) and
* opening of new base in South Adriatic in the year 2002.

Distribution of profit
In RR Nautika program, there are two different possibilities of profit distribution from the yacht charter:
a) 70% for the yacht owner and 30% for RR Nautika. The owner bears the annual berth cost in marina, insurance and winter maintenance cost, while RR Nautika meets the marketing costs, agency fee and current servicing and control costs during the season.
b) 50% for the yacht owner, 50% for RR Nautika, whereas the owner only pays the vessel insurance, while all other costs are born by RR Nautika.

Purchase on leasing terms
Besides the most commonly used charter management model, when you invest the total amount necessary for the yacht purchase on the beginning, we are offering you the leasing option too. The minimal initial down payment amounts to 30%, while the rest is being repaid through 5 or six years (the maximum leasing term) from the yacht charter and annual installment. We suggest about 50% down payment (depending on the yacht type, size and model), which would enable the vessel to meet all the costs and leasing installments, without additional payments throughout the repayment period. Of course, you can consider the smaller down payment, which will result in your additional payment for leasing installments. After repayment, you have an option of clear profit through additional chartering of the yacht, in case you decide to leave the vessel in our fleet.

Security of your investment
As long as your yacht participates in our Charter Management Program, we guarantee the 100% security of your investment. All yachts have full hull insurance throughout the program period. The yachts are insured with world known and respectable insurer - the Lloyds of London.

When is the right time to buy the yacht?

In case you are still in doubt about this way of investment, we can tell you that this model has been known and extensively used for more than 30 year throughout the world. In case you compare the amount of interest you would earn in your bank with the profit from our Charter Management Program, you will realize that in this manner you will earn the double size profit, needless to mention the pleasure of sailing on your own yacht, which cannot be replaced by anything else.
In case you have decided to use our Charter Management Program, but you do not know the right time for the purchase, we can advise you that it is never too late. "It is always the right time to purchase the yacht", you should only express your good will and prepare your sailing suit, leaving everything else to us.
Due to our long-term experience, please contact us without hesitation. We will suggest to you the best solution, having in mind your wishes and possibilities.

Your RR Nautika!!!